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24/7 Service. Reliable Internet. Flexible Telephone Solutions. Tailored Data Networks.

Business-Class Performance

At 702 Communications, we understand what drives your business. Fast solutions. Expert support. Reliable service. That's what you strive to deliver to your customers. That's what we promise to deliver.

702 Communications is a premier business Internet, network and phone provider. We are the only built-for-business Internet provider that comes with a 24 hour, 7 days-a-week technical support team. It's more than a bundle - it's a business solution.

  • Full-time Technical Support
  • Fast and Reliable Internet
  • Tailored Data Networks
  • Flexible Telephone Solutions

Your Own 24/7 Support Team

Phone. Internet. Data Networks. These are the lifelines to your business. We know how vital it is to stay connected to your customers. Our expert team of friendly and talented support specialists are always on hand to keep your business going if problems arise. Day and night. We're there to get you back to business faster. 24/7. 365. Our service is tailored to your needs. That is our promise to you.